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 What is Modern Service Management? 

From its start in the 1980’s IT Service Management (ITSM) has had an IT centric governance process focus. ITIL has become the global standard for IT Service Management best practices.

The most common adoption to date has been on key IT operational controls including:

  • restoring service when disruption occurs (Incident Management) and

  • reducing potential impacts to the business when making a change (Change Management)

to name a couple of the most prominent controls.

Fast forward to today’s digital world where technology is a much tangible that it has ever been before. Processes are still important yet the convergence of:

  • a mobile workforce,

  • creative and innovative physical work spaces,

  • artificial intelligence,

  • machine learning

  • empowering a millennial workforce


These inputs are driving a new level of capability across the business, employees and customers.

Modern Service Management has needed to expand beyond governance and controls to include:

  • the power of digital workflows,

  • modern service experiences,

  • progressive leadership and high-performance teams.

Why is Modern Service Management Important?

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Modern Service Management acts as a hub to align IT capability to the needs of the business. At the heart of Modern Service Management is a Single System of Record (SSR) that:

  • enables operational controls associated with traditional IT Service Management,

  • Provides valuable and accurate insights with a single data source

  • Modernises complex business requests with Service Catalogs and digital workflows.

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Our Modern Service Management Methodology

While an SSR is an important part of your digital transformation strategy. It's not the only consideration to achieving your goals.


To achieve long lasting benefits we must think and act broader than technology alone. We need to develop capabilities that fit the organisation and digital transformation goals.


Our Modern Service Management method provides a backdrop to each capability for consideration. When we know what to focus on, we can develop a specific plan to speed up digital transformation.

How we can help you?


We provide independent Service Management subject matter expertise. We focus on providing independent advice, guidance and Modern Service Management solutions to meet your specific transformation needs.

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