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 High Performance Teams 

In the midst of digital transformation, people continue to be our most important resource.

A ‘High Performing team‘ is a common term used within the corporate environment. It's often used as a target during a 'turn around' or people focused improvement initiative.


In reality the development of a High Performing team doesn't need to be complex. A High Performance Team is better described as an environment or culture where:

each team member feels good about contributing their own unique set of skills to common set of goals

When people feel good about what they do, they do great things.


While technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Traditional leadership styles are no longer effective. The command and control approach from the industrial age is simple out of date. High Performance within the Modern workplace requires new level of Leadership, Awareness, Conscious planning and execution and Ongoing commitment to personal and team development. 

“Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.” – Steve Jobs

While most leaders have a well intended target to uplift their teams performance. Adopting a high performance culture real requires a tangible and pragmatic pathway forward.


The Schroder High Performance Management Competency Framework, developed by Harold M Schroder (former Professor of Physiology at Princeton University) fits this need specifically.

In Schroder's 1989 book 'Managerial Competency The key to excellence' Schroder outlines his framework in detail.

The Framework focuses on superior performance in the changing technology environments. Schroder outlines 11 high performance competencies summarised into 4 competency blocks:

  • Cognitive competencies

  • Motivating competencies

  • Directional competencies

  • Achieving competencies

Twenty years on, Schroder's framework is more important than ever before. It provides a comprehensive backdrop for application as part of digital transformation. It's simple concept reduces complexities by providing real and pragmatic steps forward. It moves High Performance from a talking point to tangible results.


Working as part of a high performing team is a privilege and when you get it right, it can become one of the most satisfying accomplishments your career.

How we can help you?

We focus on providing independent guidance and advice to help you to uplift your teams performance, this includes competency assessment, planning, structuring an uplift approach and working with you to achieve your specific transformation needs.

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