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Leading the Transformation of IT into an Enterprise Shared Services Business Model

How Taking a Pragmatic Approach to Unpacking a Conceptual Target State Shared Services Model Allowed IT to Lead the Transition into the New Model The executive of a Sydney-based utilities company had directed the centralisation of all back-office activities into a single point of contact as the result of a broader strategic priority. A high-level target state-shared services blue print was developed, combining the internal support capabilities of eight separate business teams into a single-shared services centre. The focus was on minimising handoff points, providing faster resolution of simple requests and delivering a better level of service to their internal customers.

Kirk Penn from service management specialists was engaged to lead the IT stream (one of eight streams). He was tasked with providing guidance, direction and delivering the transition of the IT service desk into the new shared services model. The expectation was to articulate and unpack the high-level strategic-shared services model for IT into a delivery plan. Then, he was asked to execute the plan. In addition, Kirk was also asked to provide guidance on an appropriate shared services toolset.

The IT team led the other business teams, making up almost 30 percent of the 300+ service catalogue items required for the launch. Complexities included assessing the recently implemented ITSM-based tool. This allowed for all eight business units to use and define a new support model that transitioned IT support into a shared-services model. It defined a way to communicate the overall service catalogue concept in simple business context and raised the credibility of IT to the broader business.

Kirk defined a series of detailed support model options, highlighting specific handover points & escalation paths between the newly shared services team and the existing broader IT team. It mapped out the specific workflows for each of the catalogue items, developing a template for the other streams to use.

Kirk worked with internal IT Management to articulate the value of the model and developed a detailed transition in approach. Kirk oversaw the creation and updates the documentation, as well as the articles which provided relevant knowledge.

The first phase of the shared services program was delivered with success, on time and within budget. And, it remains in place today. The IT transition stream was seen as a model for other business unit transitions to align too. Support resources were transitioned with minimal impact. Overall, customer satisfaction increased as part of defining a consistent level of delivery across the shared services centre.


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