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8 Key Techniques to Help You to Identify Service Management Quick Wins

8 Key Techniques to Help You to Identify Service Management Quick Wins

Here are a 8 simple techniques that will help you to identify and kick start your Quick Win activities. The sequence of these techniques is not really mapped out in any particular order; however if you follow the logical flow outlined below it will give you maximum benefit.

1. Prioritize your Major Goals; remember your major goals are the major outcomes you are planning to achieve, e.g. Implement Change Management.

2. Estimate the amount of effort required to build the capability to achieve your major goals. Estimates are normally done in days.

3. Break each of your Major goals down into smaller chunks; this may take some creative thinking, try to look at each one from a different perspective.

4. Brainstorm to make an exhaustive list of all the required activities to achieve these smaller chunks, include short, medium and long term activities that must be carried out to meet your desired outcomes. Remember sudden Wins are a list of specific activities that are viewed as something that can be done with little effort and can normally be done in a short period of time that help you on your journey to achieve your major goals. I recommend spending some time on this ask yourself and your team members 'What are all the small activities that will help to achieve this Major goal? This list will be your Quick Wins.

5. Prioritise your fast Wins - What is critical and what can be achieved with minimal effort? Coordination is required depending on the nature of your specific situation.

6. Assign resources to complete the rapid wins.

7. Work with your resources to get the quick wins completed, understand where you are having difficulty and use your sponsors to break through these challenges.

8. Remember the key is to get some runs on the board quickly, not to try to solve all your issues or accomplish your major goal!

Once you have completed these steps and start to tick off your swift wins, you can repeat this process and start all over again, by re prioritizing and starting again until each one is complete.

After you have done this a couple of times it will become easier for you to recognize what quick wins are and you will be able to break down those major goals that often leave you with overwhelm, into smaller and easier to manage activities. Keep practicing this process, Print your sudden Wins list and stick them to the wall and tick them off one by one, by doing this you are able to show progress and gather real momentum!

Good Luck, Until Next Time,


About The Author:

Kirk is the Founder and Principal Advisory Consultant at Service Management Specialists, he helps people and organisations to improve the way they plan, design and operate Information Technology specifically within the IT Service Management & IT Process Improvement domains for the modern workplace. Kirk has provided guidance to hundreds of people around the world, helping to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and real world experience.

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