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Dropping Technology Alone Won't Be Enough For the Future

Technology is a broad term today and in the future the word 'Technology' will become even broader, there is a growing need to converge and integrate Technology Services, Products, Systems and Solutions on an increasingly large scale. How well an organisation is prepared to deal with this convergence from a post deployment support perspective will determine their position in the market.

At a fundamental level the key drivers for this need for convergence is people's appetite for a better quality lifestyle, and a need to do things faster, easier and more cost effectively than ever before. Technology providers need to build strong robust customer support capabilities to empower, provide guidance and support their customers through simple and well thought out approaches for complex and integrated environments.

The future of convergence will see consumer focus shift, from a traditional focus on individual technology components to a real need to to ensure that effective Support Mechanisms are in place to support the overall technology. IT Vendors, Solution Providers, Resellers and Third Parties who provide enterprise level products and services will need to focus on strengthening relationships with their customers, by providing guidance and quality support amid complex integrations, and not just focus on the 'dropping in' of individual technology components alone. Smart Operators will take a much more End to End view and develop solid mechanisms to anticipate their customer's needs way past the initial deployment and delivery, allowing opportunities to delight their customers and devising new and ongoing revenue streams based on customer's specific needs easily and effectively.

With this increased need for a structured approach to supporting customers, how is your organisation positioned to be competitive in this new age of thinking?

How will your organisation be able to maintain and support your customers specific solutions yet still delight your customers with new innovations at an increasingly fast pace?

An effective Service Management Strategy and Capability is the answer.

Effective Service Management Capabilities not only provide a solid framework to enable organisations to control and measure their IT services better, the introduction of life-cycle based Service Management Operating models allow organisations to introduce, enhance, change and improve new and existing services with confidence, while allowing organisations to anticipate customers needs better, improving the overall level of customer service and initiating new streams of revenue.

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About The Author:

Kirk is the Founder and Principal Advisory Consultant at Service Management Specialists, he helps people and organisations to improve the way they plan, design and operate Information Technology specifically within the IT Service Management & IT Process Improvement domains for the modern workplace. Kirk has provided guidance to hundreds of people around the world, helping to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and real world experience.

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