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IT Service Management Success - Getting Your Sponsors On Board Early Is the Key

Getting your sponsors on-board early is an important consideration for ensuring success with your Service Management and ITIL® implementation. My experience has shown that sponsors are normally busy and don't want to be bogged down in the detail unless they need too. Each service management implementation is different and more importantly each sponsors needs are also different, depending on the investment, expectation and strategies for the implementation. Getting an understanding of your sponsor's specific needs and being able to articulate your progress in a simple and logical way will give your sponsor the confidence to know that the implementation is in good hands and will make it easy for you to provide clear evidence of your progress, and gain their support when required.

Here are some tips for keeping your sponsors on board -

• Be conscious of your role, what your sponsor's role is and clearly understand what your sponsors need are. Do they want to know Risks, Issues or just progress?

• Provide tangible outputs, show training schedules/summaries feedback, Process Architecture Models and Tool Implementation Schedules try not to baffle them with technical or complexities just simple valuable overview artifacts.

• Use dashboard reporting, as long as it easy to read, digestible and simple.

• Sponsors want to see progress, ensure your time with them is related to progress - it's fine to discuss challenges and ask for help - if and where required however ensure your intent is to move the implementation forward.

• Use Surveys to show progress, these can be simple and very effective

• Don't be afraid to give your sponsors a clear understanding of what you need help with, don't try to give them all the challenges, provide answers and evidence of your thinking and actions taken to date.

One further thing to keep in mind is that you may need to provide some coaching and guidance to your sponsors too, even though they are the sponsor you need to be able to understand and balance the level of knowledge they require, For a sponsor to be able to communicate and support the vision effectively - they must have a clear understanding of what they are presenting.

Remember if it's your role to ensure things are managed, escalated and dealt within a timely manner; use your Sponsors effectively to support you on your journey and as you progress you can use your sponsor as a 'check in' to ensure you are constantly aligning to your original intent.

Good Luck, Until Next Time,


About The Author:

Kirk is the Founder and Principal Advisory Consultant at Service Management Specialists, he helps people and organisations to improve the way they plan, design and operate Information Technology specifically within the IT Service Management & IT Process Improvement domains for the modern workplace. Kirk has provided guidance to hundreds of people around the world, helping to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and real world experience.

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