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Process Improvement is a Journey

Process Improvement is a Journey

Business Process Improvement is a journey, and one every organisation should be committed to, if an organisation is serious about being in sustaining growth and being one step ahead of its competitors. The Technology and Information age are upon us and the demand and dependency for people to rely on technology is only going to increase in every aspect of your business and the need to embrace and change is moving faster than it has ever moved before.

Think about the products and services you supply to your customers for a moment, and think about the 'ever increasing need for change' and what this means for you and your organization? To survive in the future you need to be able to provide even better quality solutions to your customer's problems faster and better than your competitors. It's through the realisation of this need for constant change and improvement that you need to develop a mechanism to enable your business to 'Continuously Improve'.

Process Improvement is not about - 'What do we need to do to improve our business' (Like it is very commonly referred to) it is about formalising a balanced mechanism to introduce change with as little disruption to the current operating model and to compliment the strategy for improving the level of service to your customers.

An effective Process Improvement mechanism allows improvements to be implemented seamlessly while allowing organisations to benefit from the improvements associated with Change. An effective Business Process Improvement mechanism ensures you stay ahead of your competitors. Let me say this, if you are not formalising effective Business Process Improvement, your competitors will be.

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About The Author:

Kirk is the Founder and Principal Advisory Consultant at Service Management Specialists, he helps people and organisations to improve the way they plan, design and operate Information Technology specifically within the IT Service Management & IT Process Improvement domains for the modern workplace. Kirk has provided guidance to hundreds of people around the world, helping to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and real world experience.

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