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Taking an Organisation on an ITIL Journey? Key Considerations For Implementers

Taking an Organisation on an ITIL Journey? Key Considerations For Implementers

Taking an organisation on an ITIL journey is always something you need to be fully prepared for. You need to think of the implementation on a number of levels, you need to be mentally prepared for anything and strong enough to take feedback and be able to work through this feedback to provide a clear path forward. Pondering the Best Practise you may have learned in the classroom is one thing; you are now in the real world, with a real expectation on results.

Be aware of where your primary Client and or Project Sponsors ITIL knowledge is at? More importantly where that knowledge needs to be to effectively support you on your journey? You maybe carrying out formal assessments and working hard to understand and pull together a realistic current state view of where the organisations Service Management capabilities are at? One thing often overlooked is a need to understand where your key sponsor's knowledge is at? Where are they at with regards to understanding enough detail to support you? Remember it is your sponsors you will most likely be selling your solutions too.

Remember where you are trying to get to? Remember the big picture, don't get bogged down in the detail, you will certainly need to get down to the detail as you journey through however the point I am trying to emphasis is to not get stuck down there, I have seen many situations where implementers have been pulled down into the detail and unfortunately been busy trying to solve everyone's issues at the same time and therefore found it extremely difficult to come back up, and in some cases can't identify the logical path to come back up. Don't get stuck down there, come back up and visualise on the big picture and where you are trying to get to.

Good Luck, Until Next Time,


About The Author:

Kirk is the Founder and Principal Advisory Consultant at Service Management Specialists, he helps people and organisations to improve the way they plan, design and operate Information Technology specifically within the IT Service Management & IT Process Improvement domains for the modern workplace. Kirk has provided guidance to hundreds of people around the world, helping to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and real world experience.

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