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“Managing Organisational Change”

“I can't thank Kirk Penn enough for all the pertinent information and real-world experiences shared with me in field of IT Service Management & Organisational Change Management.

Trademark qualities that impressed me has been his ‘sincerity’ to his clients where he encourages a consistent feedback of his services and gauges client satisfaction level & value for money which he promised at the beginning of the engagement. It is alarming that he could instill confidence in me to face challenges of organisational culture in the Arab world that’s very different from the way organisations operate in the West. But I must admit that each of his mentorship sessions has been extremely helpful in broadening my horizons, gaining necessary buy-in from different stakeholder communities, and unique simple representation of complex issues that helped me convey message across to ‘right’ audience.

Kirk has elevated my capabilities in such a way that I can apply the skills, tools, techniques and most importantly a ‘flexible thought process’ to adopt in any organisation, which I consider as a life time investment to my career path. I am glad I signed up for the engagement at the right time & absolutely happy that I am equipped to handle all challenges laid forth in 2014 & beyond! I wish Kirk good luck in his business and looking forward to engaging with him once again at some point to fulfill my career aspirations”

Jumana Parven

ITIL and ISO/IEC 20000 Program Manager



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