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ITSM Based Operating Model Underpins Transformation

How a Large Utilities Company Leveraged an ITSM-Based Support Model to Underpin Transformation In 2010, A Singapore-based utilities company formed a new IT group from the consolidation of two separate Internal IT departments. Each operated two separate IT infrastructures and networks, along with multiple parallel applications and systems.

The strategic intent was to rationalise cost, consolidating a number of in-flight initiatives across the two legacy IT departments into a single program of work. Kirk Penn from service management specialists were engaged by the group general manager for architecture and strategy to create an IT service management Service Improvement Plan (SIP). It underpinned the organisational transformation program.

While the consolidation of two IT departments was driving the need for change, a major in-flight Smart Energy Meter Reading Program – a first for the industry -- also needed to be considered. Once the program was implemented, the multi-vendor support needed to be anchored within the support model.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Kirk Penn during one of our major project initiatives. During this time Kirk maintained a professional and positive attitude and was very attentive to the needs of our organisation" Chris Howard, IT Services Manager

We reviewed current maturity levels across both IT operational landscapes, additionally preparing a summary of the findings to the Senior Leaders. We shared thoughts on a tactical and strategic enhancements and support model ‘strawman,’ with consideration to the Smart Energy Meter Reading Program and planned delivery milestones.

We prepared a business case, statements of work and facilitated the sign off across the leadership team. In addition to the support model, we designed a services on-boarding process to ensure a single and consistent transition –an approach which could be adopted.

Our recommendations were endorsed as a clear way forward and provided the overall strategy for the service improvement plan delivery phase. We were asked to provide further input and guidance into other areas of the business across the larger group of businesses. This included carrying out further detailed due diligence toward the Smart Energy Meter Reading Program in preparation for implementation.


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