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Practical ITSM Expertise Kick Starts Major Telco Transition

How IT Service Management Processes Became Critical to the Transition & Delivery of 12 Telco Services Valued at Over $100M per Year.

Australia’s largest telecommunication contract between a Telco giant and a household financial institution was signed in 2009. The agreement, valued at $100M per year for 10 years, included the supply of 12 core telecommunication services delivered by the Telco to the bank.

The expectation was clear. Each service was to be delivered across a very specific and well-defined target state IT Service Management framework. The ITSM framework provided an opportunity for the bank to understand the Telco’s Service support and its capabilities in detail. It provided the opportunity for the Telco to showcase their internal ITSM based ITSM capabilities. Upon acceptance of Telco by the bank, the service was authorised for transition. Financial payment then progressed.

The ITSM Framework included 32 individual ITSM Processes. Both organisations were at different points of their own ITSM maturity journeys. While the high-level concepts were understood, agreeing on an acceptable ‘in practice’ way forward by both organisations was a point of contention.

It became clear that a level of practical ITSM expertise was needed to bolster negotiations. Kirk Penn from service management specialists was engaged as part of a broader transition team, assisting with finding a practical and pragmatic way forward. This included review of the contractual agreements. He then facilitated an expectation analysis across both organisations In order to understand the agreed formal obligations. Thus, he could understand and negotiate an acceptable level of ‘process maturity’ for each of the 32 processes. Kirk then designed a service management implementation roadmap. It provided context and sequencing to the people, process and tool build activities required to complete the transition to an acceptable level by both organisations. This included mobilising a team of up to 12 analysts, building and completing the agreed approach.

"Kirk exemplifies professionalism. His is very well educated and knowledgeable in his field of Service Management, and is without question a senior expert in this field. His calm and pleasant demeanor when faced with any challenge, especially high pressure situations, demonstrates a character that is only built through experience and awareness of how to attain the desired outcomes" Murray Taylor, Program Director, Telstra

Kirk led the service management stream to achieve its first key milestones: Effective Date of Readiness (EDR) & Effective Date of Control (EDC). These arrived on time and under budget, receiving positive recognition for contribution of achieving these first major milestones from leadership of both organisations. The program continued to achieve the remaining transitions. As a result, Kirk was requested to review and provide strategic guidance across other enterprise client contracts. Therefore, he made further transition recommendations for ongoing improvement across the Telco’s broader business.


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