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11 Characteristics of a High Performing Team

A ‘High Performing Team’ is commonly used within the corporate environment. It's often used as a desired target during a transformation or people focused improvement initiative. The development of a High Performing team does not need to be overly complex. A High Performing Team is best described as an environment or culture where:

  • each team member feels good about contributing their own unique set of skills to common set of goals

‘When people feel good about what they do, they do great things’

Developing a High Performing Team is not an overnight process, it takes time and perseverance.

# 1 - Seeks Information

Here is the first characteristic in our 11 characteristics of a high performing team series.

# 2 - Forms Concepts

If your responsible for turning around a team’s performance, this checklist can be used as a reference point to check in on progress and capture your teams progress. This checklist has been developed based on the Schroder High Performance Management Competency Framework, The Framework focuses on superior performance in the changing technology environments and was developed by Harold M Schroder former Professor of Physiology at Princeton University.

A High Performing Team can often be intangible to measure

Use the simple 1-5 five method and score each characteristic from ‘firmly reflects’ to ‘non-existent’ once every six months as a quick check point to manage progress. This indicator checklist can be used as part of Key Performance Indicator (KPI) sessions, group, or self-assessment breakouts.

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