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Our IT improvement program will help you understand IT service management, ITIL, ITSM and related IT services approach better. We advise, assist and answer. An ITIL service management expert will listen and chat with you for 60 minutes free of charge. No obligations – no credit card, no other information required. You are welcome!

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Small Group or One to One Mentoring Sessions

You don't need to hire a fulltime Service Improvement expert . Service Management Mentor's scheduled One on One Guidance and Support sessions provide you with your own dedicated ITIL Expert making it easy for you to gain significant results:


  • Turn Concepts into Reality: Scheduled & Ongoing Support to ensure you remain focused on achieving your vision

  • Expertise as Required: Creative 'Outside of the box' thinking, IT Improvement Expertise and Experience as you need it

  • Overcome Roadblocks & Challenges: An experienced independent perspective to ensure you overcome roadblocks and challenges along the way

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Improvement Methodology

You don't need to waste time trying to understand where and how to start on your improvement journey. Service Management Mentor's World Class Service Improvement Methodology makes it easy for you to build on the existing knowledge within your organisation by providing a simple and proven improvement framework that allows you to:


  • Devise a Realistic Improvement Approach: Develop a formal improvement approach that is scalable, realistic and specific to your IT organisations needs

  • Quickly Identify Key Areas for Focus: Identify key areas of importance and devise a simple set of activities in alignment with your overall goals

  • Measure Improvement: Understand your progress and ensure efforts are consistently aligning to your overall vision

  • Packages & Pricing

Save Money, Save Time & Improve with Confidence...........

Improve and formalise your current ITSM capabilities without the expense of a fulltime ITSM Consultant.


  • Upskill your team and gain practical experience 

  • Customise your mentoring sessions to meet the speific needs of your team

  • Leverage the experience, support and guidance from an ITIL Expert 


Documentation Templates

There is no need to waste time creating documentation from scratch. Service Management Mentor's Knowledgebase of Processes & Documentation Templates are designed based on Global Best Practice guidelines making it easy for you to introduce and embed formal capabilities in no time at all.


  • Introduce Formal Process More Effectively: Plug in your specific requirements to create formal process capabilities

  • Save Money & Time : Access our Extensive Library of Process Templates & supporting documentation

  • Align Your IT Capabilities with Global Best Practices: Our knowledge base of processes and templates are aligned with global best practice guidelines

  • Packages & Pricing

Email & Telephone Support

We understand that you may require further assistance as you progress that’s why we make it easy for you to access our expertise throughout the entire engagement. Email us any time with those tricky questions or situations and your dedicated ITIL Expert will provide you with the support you need.


  • People, Process, Tools: The core aspects of effective Service Management

  • Communications & Buy-In: Support with positioning and implementing your improvement plan as you need it

  • IT Service Management Expertise: Giving you the clarity and confidence you deserve

  • Packages & Pricing

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