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Modern Service Management 


Service Experiences

Service experiences (both employee and customer) are emerging with importance as a key driver and as a point of difference for organisations seeking to differentiate themselves within the market and attract and retain customers and great talent. 


Current Capability & Maturity

A detailed understanding of an organisations current abilities to deliver desired outcomes. Typically comprising of various dimensions including people, policies, processes, partnerships, communications and technologies.


ITSM Strategy & Vision

A strategy is focused at defining a plan of action to achieve long term goals and objectives.  A Modern Service Management Strategy underpins the overall IT strategy, by outlining specific plans across each component of the  Modern Service Management framework in a purposeful way. 


Operating Model & People

People are the organisations most precious resource, consideration and the ongoing development of people is essential to achieving successful objectives.  An operating model is a (visual) delivery mechanism and acts as a blueprint for delivering value.     



A process formalises the sequence of specific activities and or tasks that are undertaken to deliver a desired outcome. The goal of a Modern Process is to simplify the presentation of activities to meet the needs of the audience and ensure activities and outcomes are understood quickly and comprehensively. 


ITSM Technologies

An IT Service Management technology platform provides a centralised and single source of authoritive data that can be used for multiple purposes, typically various IT Service Management control processes. An ITSM platform (Single System of Record) features vary depending on market offerings.  A modern ITSM platform often forms the nucleus of a Modern Service Management Strategy