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Specialist Practice Areas & Expertise

Reliable and highly skilled IT Operational Delivery: Program & Project Management Planning,  Improvement & ITSM Implementation Deployment, Business Analysis & Reporting 

Innovate Your Transformation

As ITSM practice specialists we are aware that, Technology Transformation is often significant in terms of cost, and time for value realization.  Our approach to transformation is both innovative and simple: we focus on enablement – we seek to unlock growth and value opportunities early. We do this by applying constant and smart prioritization, agile technology deployment & a focus on early mobilization of behavioral and cultural Change to kick start momentum, reinforce positive uplift and remove the need for long and anticipated value realization.

Develop Your own Centre of Excellence

Developing your own Centre of Excellence (CoE) is the fist step in  future proofing your organisation for years to come. Our CoE development approach allows you to develop scalable information assets, respond even faster to business demands while continuously refining your body of knowledge in accordance with what’s important to you and your organisation. 

Gain Control of your Software Assets

For organisations seeking to reduce cost and optimize risk the decision to formalize Software Asset Management can often result in significant bottom line savings. Until now, Software License Management has traditionally been operational in nature,  with the emergence of Cloud and SAS - Software License Management is quickly elevating to a strategic priority.  Our approach is not just about implementing a technology solution or stand alone process – we are focused on delivering a scalable capability, tangible savings and returning license control back to you.

Empower Your People

The traditional corporate hierarchy days are gone - people are smarter and so much more aware than ever before. Organisations seeking to attract and retain talent need to think differently. Our people uplift approach is centered around emotional intelligence – and  is both nurturing yet stretching. We understand what it takes to build a culture of positivity, growth and inclusiveness - where people naturally define their own sense of personal responsibility, curiosity and contribution to being part of a high performing team.

Modernize & Structure your Processes

Process modernization is one of the most exciting aspects of the digital age and one we are completely passionate about.  While the theory of process automation continues to gain momentum -  organisations often experience a period of awkwardness while they attempt to embrace the gap between old and new.  This path needs to be navigated with balance - blending caution with ambition to unlock sustainable benefits and value.  Our Process Modernization approach combines our experience of proven process principles while exploiting emerging technology opportunities.


Consulting Services, Specialists Domain Expertise

Incident Management & Service Desk

Problem Management

Release Management

IT Financial Charge Back Management

IT Service Continuity Management

IT Services Orientation

Service Catalogue Management

IT Governance Modelling

Configuration Management & Asset Management (SACM)

Service Design

Service Transition

SIAM - Multisource & Federated Operating Modelling

Request Fulfilment

Software Asset Management

Demand Management

Service Level Management

Change Management (Change Control)

Availability Management

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