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Santosh Arunachalam

ITSM Consultant

Mahindra Satyam

“Kirk is an extremely capable consultant with deep expertise in the area his current focus (Service Management)....Having worked closely with Kirk as a fellow consultant for about 10 months, I can say that that he is a clear thinker with ability to turn cluttered situations into clear problem statements. He is a hard worker who provides advice with deep substance - based on significant ground work.. He is capable of single handedly taking a client on the journey from problem definition to solution benefit realization... Personally, he is fun guy to work with as well... I look forward to working with Kirk again.” 

Mark Higgins

Business Analyst

Terra Firma

“Kirk managed myself and a number of other Business Analysts on a large scale ITIL/ITSM transition program in the banking industry. His knowledge, experience and leaderships skills were exceptional, taking the team through many challenges to develop us into a mature and disciplined group. He leads and teaches very well, able to communicate ideas and concepts with all stakeholders; I personally learnt a lot from him and would recommend his services to anyone.” 

Jumana Parven

ITIL and ISO/IEC 20000 Program Manager, UAE

Murray Taylor

Head of Digital Delivery

Consumer Commerce

“Kirk exemplifies professionalism. His is very well educated and knowledgeable in his field of Service Management, and is without question a senior expert in this field. His calm and pleasant demeanor when faced with any challenge, especially high pressure situations, demonstrates a character that is only built through experience and awareness of how to attain the desired outcomes. He is able to skillfully assess and analyse the maturity of an organisation’s processes and methodologies, and clearly articulate the change required to take his customers on that journey of change. Kirk is comfortable at any level of an organisation, dealing with senior executives at their level. I highly recommend Kirk as a Service Management expert, and look forward to working with him again in the future” – Murray Taylor, Head of Digital Delivery - Consumer Commerce

Chris Howard

Manager IT Services

EB Services

I have had the pleasure of working with Kirk Penn during one of our major project initiatives. During this time Kirk maintained a professional and positive attitude and was very attentive to the needs of our organisation.  He worked in a difficult environment where gathering of critical business requirements information was a challenge and produced high quality output documents. He was very approachable and I would highly recommend his work to others.  

“I can't thank Kirk Penn enough for all the pertinent information and real-world experiences shared with me in field of IT Service Management & Organizational Change Management. Trademark qualities that impressed me has been his ‘sincerity’ to his clients where he encourages a consistent feedback of his services and gauges client satisfaction level & value for money which he promised at the beginning of the engagement. It is alarming that he could instill confidence in me to face challenges of organizational culture in the Arab world that’s very different from the way organizations operate in the West. But I must admit that each of his mentorship sessions has been extremely helpful in broadening my horizons, gaining necessary buy-in from different stakeholder communities, and unique simple representation of complex issues that helped me convey message across to ‘right’ audience. Kirk has elevated my capabilities in such a way that I can apply the skills, tools, techniques and most importantly a ‘flexible thought process’ to adopt in any organization, which I consider as a life time investment to my career path. I am glad I signed up for the engagement at the right time & absolutely happy that I am equipped to handle all challenges laid forth in 2014 & beyond! I wish Kirk good luck in his business and looking forward to engaging with him once again at some point to fulfill my career aspirations” 

John Davies


Cancer Council NSW

“Kirk is a total professional with a great amount of ITIL knowledge and experience. I engaged Kirk in an ITIL mentor role and this has been very successful. His easy communication style and thoughtful approach has been much appreciated in helping us on our ITIL journey. I would recommend Kirk for all ITIL work and would not hesitate in engaging him again”

Michele Lecordier

Consulting Manager AMDOC's

"Thank you for providing me such insightful awareness on ITIL. What I really enjoyed is the simplicity of the explanation of the ITIL jargon, and not the use of another technical term to explain ITIL.This approach helped me to provide my suggestions for implementing some ITIL processes and gave me the leverage to discuss with my ITIL certified colleagues. The structure and content of the course helped my understanding of the concepts of ITIL. Major benefit from this course has seen the implementation of best practice in the Service Operations on one of the projects for the following processes: Incident Management and Problem Management and tied to Root Cause Analysis.I would recommend your course to all who wants to gain an understanding of ITIL and I look forward to pursue my knowledge of ITIL through the other courses that you offer.  Last but not least, your involvement in providing personal support was valuable as always good to discuss new ideas with an Expert" 

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