How a Large Real Estate Company Focused on Formalising ITSM to Gain Credibility with the Business Improve the IT Performance and Build a High-Performing Team.

How a Major Business Disruption was the Catalyst for Formalising the Major Incident Management Process, Structuring Communications and Empowering the Executive Team to Gain Control During Major Business Disruptions

How IT Service Management Processes Became Critical to the Transition & Delivery of 12 Telco Services Valued at Over $100M per Year.

How ITSM Expertise Helped to Establish & Centralise a Global Group Operating Model Across 18 Business Units & 14 Countries

How an Iconic National Accountancy Reduced Incidents & Improved IT Change Controls

How a Focus on Developing New ITSM Processes Provided an Enhanced Level of IT Support & Controls Prior to a Major ERP System Refresh

How a Large Utilities Company Targeted Software Asset Management Process Improvements Prior to Kicking off Major Transformation Activities

How Taking a Pragmatic Approach to Unpacking a Conceptual Target State Shared Services Model Allowed IT to Lead the Transition into the New Model

How a Large Government Agency Consolidated Eight Separate IT Change Management Processes into a Single & Modern Enterprise IT Change Management Process

How Three Government Agencies, Seven Teams & Two External Service Providers Defined a Single Way to Work to Support a Newly Created Government One-Stop Shop

How Combining Two Separate Global IT Frameworks Helped IT to Anticipate Business Demand

How a Major Transport Agency Simplified IT Enhancements Across 450 Applications into Three Major Releases per Year.

How a Six-Point Summary & Recommendations Plan Provided a CIO with a Clear Approach for Lifting the IT’s Overall Performance, Upskilling Himself and Improving

How Introducing a Formal Process for Requesting and Fulfilling ‘On-Demand’ Environment Services Helped to Reduce the Sprawl of Under-utilised Environments

How a Large Utilities Company Leveraged an ITSM-Based Support Model to Underpin Transformation

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