Bridge the Gap: Smoothly Transition Projects to Business as Usual with SMS ServiceIN.


SMS ServiceIN: Your streamlined solution for effortlessly transitioning projects and programs into Business as Usual operations. Simplify the process and ensure seamless integration for sustained success.

ServiceIN addresses a common challenge faced by organisations: the seamless integration of project deliverables into ongoing business operations. While successful project delivery is important, the true value of a project is realised when its outcomes are smoothly transitioned into Business as Usual (BAU) processes. However, this transition process is often fraught with complexities, ServiceIN provides a structured and systematic approach to overcome these challenges.

By streamlining the transition process, ServiceIN ensures that project outcomes are effectively integrated into BAU operations without disruption and bridging the gap between project delivery and BAU operations, ultimately driving greater value and success from their projects and programs.

What Challenges Does ServiceIN Overcome?

➡️ Lack of Clear Transition Plan: Many organisations struggle with transitioning projects and programs into BAU seamlessly. Without a clear transition plan in place, there can be confusion, delays, and inefficiencies in moving from project completion to ongoing operational support.

➡️ Inadequate Support and Maintenance: Projects often require ongoing support, maintenance, and updates to ensure their continued functionality and relevance. However, organisations may struggle to provide timely support and maintenance due to resource constraints, competing priorities, or a lack of dedicated support teams.

➡️ Difficulty in Sustaining Project Deliverables: After a project is completed, maintaining and sustaining its deliverables within BAU can be challenging. Organisations may face issues such as outdated technology, insufficient resources, or a lack of expertise to support and operate the implemented solutions effectively.

➡️Fragmented Processes and Documentation: Transitioning projects into BAU can be complicated by fragmented processes and documentation. Organisations may lack standardised procedures for handing over project deliverables, resulting in confusion, errors, and inefficiencies during the transition process.

How Does it work?

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ServiceIN offers a range of pathways tailored to your specific requirements for service design and transition. This is why we collaborate closely with you through the following three phases:

1. Evaluate & Confirm ServiceIN Pathway: Initially, we conduct an evaluation to determine the most suitable ServiceIN pathway aligned with your objectives. This involves reviewing key components of the project or new service. Once evaluated, we confirm the most appropriate ServiceIN pathway in alignment with your objectives and desired outcomes.

2. Build and Develop ServiceIN Capabilities: We leverage our proven methodologies and templates to design and tailor capabilities according to your specific needs.

3. Continuous Improvement Approach: We engage in ongoing review, collaboration, and agreement to establish an appropriate continuous improvement approach tailored to your specific needs.

Who is it for?

ServiceIN is best suited for roles involved in project management, operational management, and strategic planning within organisations. Specifically, it benefits:  Project and Program Managers, Operations Managers, Business Unit heads, Project Sponsors and Executives, Change Managers, Strategic Planners and Architects, Business Analysts and Transition leaders.

Ready to bridge the gap between project delivery and BAU operations? Take the next step with ServiceIN today and ensure a smooth transition that drives sustained success for your organisation.

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