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Accelerate ITSM improvements with our 'Ready to Use' Templates

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Unlock rapid ITSM progress with SMS Starterkits – pre-configured templates and processes tailored to reduce the need to start from scratch.

SMS Starterkits offer organisations a streamlined and effective path towards IT Service Management (ITSM) improvement. By providing pre-configured templates, processes, and documentation, they significantly reduce the time and effort required to initiate and implement ITSM enhancements. This not only accelerates the pace of improvement but also ensures consistency and alignment with best practices, ultimately enabling organisations to enhance service delivery, optimise operations, and better support their overall business objectives in a timely and efficient manner.

How does it work?

The inclusions for each starterkit differ depending on the nature of each ITSM Practice. It's important to emphasise that each starterkit is designed to cater to specific needs, providing a comprehensive suite of templates, processes, and documentation that align with the intricacies of each ITSM practice.  SMS Starterkit ITSM practices have been developed for: Change Management, Problem Management, Incident and Major Incident Management, Service Request Management, Configuration Management and Release Management.

Typical Inclusions: Policy Documents, Notification Responses Templates, Service Support Templates, Escalation Path (Hiracical/Functional), Impact & urgency Tables, Suggested Service Level Agreements, Organisation Change Document & Artefacts, Internal Process Intranet Page content, Process Explainer (Video's), Process Workflow Graphics, Process Role Explainers& RACI's, Process Role Descriptions.

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What's included?

Watch this short video to see examples of what's included. 

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What Challenges Do Staterkits Overcome?

➡️ Implementation complexity, SMS Starterkits help by providing pre-configured templates and processes, reducing the burden of designing and implementing solutions from scratch, and streamlining the entire process.

➡️ Non standardised documentation and ways of working, SMS Starterkits help to provide a uniform way for ITSM practices, ensuring consistency across different areas and promoting alignment with industry best practices.

➡️ Strain on organisational resources, SMS Starterkits help by offering ready-to-use solutions that minimise the need for extensive resource allocation, enabling organisations to achieve significant improvements with fewer resources and in a shorter time frame.

Who is it for?

SMS starterkits are ideal for IT Managers, Service Delivery Managers, IT Operations Managers, Customer Support Managers, Process Improvement Specialists, IT Analysts, Project Managers who are undertaking internal ITSM and Service Delivery improvement programs. 

Ready to get started?

Unlock the power of streamlined ITSM enhancement with SMS Starterkits today.

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