Transformation Foundations

Assess, Review, Align ITSM Practices

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Streamline operations, accelerate progress, and simplify outdated practices by assessing and enhancing people, processes, and technology using ITSM expertise.

The Transformation Foundations service evaluates your current people, processes, technology and identify roadblocks and places for improvement for each specific ITSM practice. We quickly assess your current ITSM practices and guide you through what needs to happen to overcome complex, outdated ways of doing things.  It evaluates your current people, processes, technology and identifies roadblocks and places for improvement. We apply our ITSM and ITIL based expertise to help you overcome common challenges, speed up your improvements, and reduce outdated and complex ways of working.

What Challenges Does Transformation Foundations Overcome?

➡️ Roadblocks and Areas for Improvement: The service helps in evaluating current people, processes, and technology to identify roadblocks and areas for enhancement within specific ITSM practices. This overcomes the challenge of recognizing and addressing inefficiencies and bottlenecks hindering IT operations.

➡️ Guidance on Overcoming Complexity and Outdated Practices: It provides guidance on what needs to happen to overcome complex and outdated ways of doing things in ITSM. This addresses the challenge of navigating through intricate processes and legacy systems, streamlining operations for better efficiency.

➡️ Speeding Up Improvements: By applying ITSM and ITIL based expertise, the service speeds up the improvement process. This addresses the challenge of slow progress in implementing changes or enhancements to ITSM practices, ensuring a more agile and responsive approach to improvement initiatives.

➡️ Reducing Complexity in Work Processes: It helps in reducing outdated and complex ways of working. This addresses the challenge of dealing with convoluted workflows and systems, simplifying operations for improved productivity and effectiveness

How Does it work?

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We collaborate with you and your team to (Assess) Conduct an ITSM Current State Maturity Scan for each in-scope ITSM practice. Following this, (Review) we prepare a Summary and Recommendations Presentation Pack and (Align) deliver an ITSM Roadmap and Improvement Plan.

1. Assess: We first seek to understand your current state ITSM Process and practices. Our simple online questionnaires are targeted to ensure we can evaluate your current state. Once completed, our team of ITSM experts will review and prepare your own unique maturity snapshot providing you with tangible insights on your current capabilities in contrast to good ITSM practices and modern ways of working. We will then meet with you to walk through walk you through, share and discuss your current capabilities.

2. Review: The review phase focuses on understanding the basics of your business, digital transformation strategy, priorities, and any other areas you want to improve on and frames specific recommendations for improvement. We start with understanding your specific goals and aspirations in detail. Our ITSM experts will develop a vision for the future that will keep you aligned with your long-term goals. You will receive an easy-to-understand Summary and Recommendations presentation providing you with clarity and framing a clear path for improvement.

3. Align: The align phase of the Transformation foundations focuses on developing a detailed ITSM Improvement and uplift plan in alignment with your priorities and improvement goals and strategies. Your ITSM Improvement plan is created by ITSM experts and tailored to meet your specific organisation. Each step is mapped out, providing a clear process for ITSM improvement from beginning to end. We will then meet with you to walk you through, share and present and handover your ITSM Uplift Improvement Delivery Plan.

Who is it for?

Discover how Transformation Foundations can benefit companies of all sizes, particularly those facing ITSM challenges including CIO's, CTO's, IT Managers, IT Directors, Service Delivery Managers, IT Operations Managers, Customer Support Managers who need help with IT process and practice inefficiencies, we have the expertise to support your journey.

Meet John.

a recently appointed technology leader who utilised  Transformation Foundations to establish, scale, and future-proof his IT operational foundations.

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Unlock your organisation's full potential and embark on a journey of streamlined efficiency and strategic alignment with our Transformation Foundations package today.

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