IT Service Mapping

"Strengthening Business-IT Relationship through Business Process Mapping to IT Services"

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In 2013, a large government transport agency's IT division aimed to enhance the relationship between IT and business. To accomplish this, they started a project to map business processes to IT services and anticipate business demands on IT. The project's goal was to create a proof of concept (POC) based on the ITIL® IT Services model, demonstrating the relationship between each business process and its corresponding IT service. The agency enlisted Kirk Penn from Service Management Specialists to help the ICT Strategy and Architecture group create the POC. Previously, 70% of business functions had been mapped to technology capabilities using the TOGAF framework. Combining the TOGAF and ITIL® frameworks presented a challenge, which required careful consideration.

Kirk reviewed the existing work's mappings and context. As the alignment between business processes and IT services became clearer, the focus shifted to knowledge sharing and translating terminology. They also considered representing business functions as business processes and technology capabilities as IT services within a single reference model. They refined and validated the model by overlaying it with a series of use cases and simulations.

The initiative was successful, and the Business to IT Services Model demonstrated the IT value proposition in a clear and easy-to-understand manner. The strategy and architecture team took the model further by overlaying the 'end-user customer requirement' to provide even more context and value. This also gave them insights into IT demand and prioritization. Overall, the project helped strengthen the relationship between IT and business and demonstrated the value of the IT services provided.