Revitalising Operational Support:

"How a Federated Model Approach Improved Processes for a State-Owned Transport Agency"

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A state-owned transport agency was preparing to update a large back office finance system and needed to ensure that it had effective support processes in place before releasing it to the business. The agency aimed to develop agency-specific processes and support capabilities that would underpin the day-to-day operational support of the new system, while also aligning with the broader transport cluster enterprise processes through a federated model.

However, the internal teams had low process maturity, and their outdated protocols and separate ways of working posed challenges to enhancing the existing ITSM platform. To address these issues, the Service Management Specialists team was engaged to analyse the agency's specific support intricacies and plan how to incorporate them into the broader transport federated model.

The team developed an overall process development strategy and delivery plan that focused on incident, change, and problem management processes. They created a central intranet hub where the processes and other supporting knowledge could be accessed and prepared training to uplift internal teams with the revised capabilities and responsibilities. The new process-based body of knowledge was well-received, and senior leaders recognized the team's efforts, which also generated interest from the broader transport.

As a result, the agency was able to adopt an improved support model that aligned with the federated operating model, showcasing the practicality and effectiveness of the developed processes. This success underpinned the agency's target cross-agency federated operating model.