ITSM Starter Kits 


ITSM Policies, Processes and Documentation

The need for traditional IT Service Management processes hasevolved. The Modern approach to adopting out of the box ITSM best practice technology solutions continues to provide value, finally the same approach can be adopted for the development and refinement of ITSM Policies, Processes and ITSM based support documentation.

ITSM Starter kits provide a tangible set of foundational process templates and capabilities that help organisations to create, implement and uplift ITSM capabilities fast and in alignment with their specific needs.

ITSM Starter Kits are designed with a focus on quality, speed and agility - reducing the need to get bogged down developing good practice policies, processes and critical documentation from scratch. Each Process starter kit is modernised to meet the needs of the fast-moving agile ways of working environment and aligned to good practices.
ITSM Starter kits are an excellent option for start up’s or organisations building green field digital products separate to their existing capabilities or for organisations who have a need to refresh their existing ITSM capabilities.

Untitled design (8)ITSM Process Starter Kits are available for:


Change Management

Incident Management 

Problem Management

Configuration Management


Service Request Management

Release Management 

Event Management 

Untitled design (8)Foundational ITSM Policies, Processes & Supporting Documentation

  • The ITSM Starter Kits examples Include:
  • Policy Documents
  • Process Documents  
  • Notification Response Templates
  • Service Support Templates
  • Escalation Path (Hierarchical / Functional)
  • Impact & Urgency Tables
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Reporting & Dashboards

  • Organisational Change Documentation & Artefacts 
  • Internal Process Intranet Page Content
  • Process Explainer Content
  • Process Workflow Graphics
  • Process role explainers & RACI's
  • Process Role Descriptions





Benefits to your organisation

Speeds Up ITSM adoption best practice processes and policies

Identify your organisations unique intricacies fast

Create Process Service Level Agreements and key milestones

Develop an ITSM 'Body of Knowledge'

Implement process measures and key performance indicators

Reduce costs, remove the need to create processes from scratch

Save time, present draft processes to your teams

Identify specific process reuirements

Anchor improvements to your 'To Be' processes and documentation

Pic14 (1)-1ITSM concepts and the need for adopting good practices is better understood and often recognized as a point of difference for progressive organisations that consistently deliver value at scale.
Pic5 (1)The need for formal Policies, Processes and supporting ITSM documentation is still a key requirement from a compliance, audit and corporate governance perspective. 

Save Time, Save Money and realise the value of your ITSM investment faster....... 

ITSM Starter Kits provides a great way to raise the credibility of IT, develop, implement and uplift ITSM improvements in alignment with your organisations specific needs.